Steel Prices Alert

Dear All Steels Customers
It is only at unprecedented times that we feel the need to go to print on events that are having a major impact on steel prices and we have again reached such a point in time.
As always for simplicity we will keep to straight forward facts that are mainly in the public domain and leave you to make your own judgement.  From an All Steels perspective however we just feel it is necessary to convey such news so that all our customers are forewarned as to why our prices are rising with the added problem of stock outages on a number of our key products that will be difficult to replace until early July 2019.
The issues are basically four fold: Iron Ore, Coking Coal, Scrap & Safeguards.  There is also the BREXIT factor to come into play but this is such an unknown we are wisely keeping away from this debate.

Iron Ore
The catalyst for change on steel prices started with the disaster that took place in Brazil on the 25 January 2019 with the collapse of a major dam at Vale’s Córrego do Feijão mine.  This was the second Brazilian dam to collapse in 3 years linked to iron ore production.  The death toll on this occasion is likely to exceed 300 people and the severity of the humanitarian and environmental disaster has prompted huge government intervention.
As of this morning Vale declared force majeure on some iron ore contracts after a court-ordered halt to a mine responsible for nearly 9 per cent of Vale’s output.  The force majeure came after a court on Monday ordered it to stop using eight tailings dams, including one affecting production of about 30 million tonnes of iron ore output per annum.
Numerous dams in Brazil are now coming under heavy scrutiny and further mining operations could be suspended.
Iron ore prices have surged since the disaster, hitting effectively a two-year high.
The graph below shows the rate of price change.  There are various published iron ore price indices / recordings but they all show the same trend movement.  The graph below is for: XSIO001 – SGX 62% Fe Iron Ore Cash-Settled Swaps (dry metric tonne) – CFR Tiamjin Port, China import $/t.
What the graph below shows is over a 30% increase in iron ore prices since the December year end. This equates to a $25 per tonne movement but with 1.7t of iron ore required to make a tonne of steel this amounts to a $42.50 per tonne impact on steel prices.

What is also known is that Europe is one of the large export markets for Brazilian iron ore and with many of the European buyers being forced to find new supplies quickly following Vale’s force majeure such action logically suggests further upward price pressure will follow.

Coking Coal
The news of Monsoon weather conditions in Queensland Australia is making world news headlines with the city of Townsville being completely flooded as officials were forced to release floodgates at an overwhelmed dam.  Loss of human life was again experienced and at least 20,000 homes have been flooded.
The city’s streets are reportedly full of washed in crocodiles and snakes and whilst this remains the main focus of the news feeds the monsoon has now moved south into the Bowen Basin and heading towards McKay where all the major Australian thermal coal mines and coal port terminals are located.
There is plenty of web news live on this topic as the heavy rains continue e.g.
A paragraph in this link reads as follows:
Coking coal disruptions: “Floods in Queensland, Australia have led to some disruptions at coal mines and export terminals in the region. Queensland’s main coal exporting terminal, Abbott Point has suspended operations, whilst Glencore has also halted operations at its Collinsville and Newlands mines.  This comes at a time when there is plenty of uncertainty over iron ore supply, following the recent Vale dam accident. Yesterday, Vale declared force majeure on some contracts, following a court order to suspend 30mtpa of capacity.”
The events of the Australian mines being hit by the monsoon is breaking news so the impact on coking coal prices will not be known until early next week but the below reports generated by Simpson Spencer Young show a $15 per tonne rise in coking coal prices over the last 2 week period against a background of forecasters predicting a decline in coking coal prices.  (It is estimated that 0.7t of coking coal is required to produce a tonne of steel).


When any events in the world have a potential impact on steel prices Turkish scrap prices always respond the quickest and most aggressively.  As a single price indicator the Turkish scrap price is therefore an excellent barometer to watch.
Given the Iron ore and coking coal situation it is therefore not surprising to yet again see a huge shift in Turkish scrap prices.
There is little narrative that is required to explain the below.  An upward shift in price of $49 per tonne in less than a month with 1.1t of scrap required to make a tonne of steel.

This evening one of our major Turkish steel suppliers refused to commit to an offer as scrap prices today moved up by the hour as they were trying to buy and they are expecting more of the same in the lead up to the weekend.

The impact of EU Safeguards only started to materialise in the closing weeks of December as quota levels by product quickly started to fill up.  As All Steels Trading we had first-hand experience with a December shipload of hollow sections that we quite simply had to bond to avoid the risk of a 25% duty charge.  On 2 February 2019 we entered a new 5 month duty window and like many other traders we were busy customs clearing our bonded cargos but the situation is very confusing and extremely high risk going forward over the next 2 quarters.
We are sure most of you will be up to speed on EU Safeguards but the below should help to clarify how the current situation is going to result in All Steels Trading having stock outages during the first half of the year.
For the purpose of explaining our issues we will focus specifically on hollow sections even though we believe some other products have bigger issues.
During the first EU Safeguard quota window that ran from 19 July 2018 to 1 February 2019 with an allowed quota level on hollow sections of 387,343 tonnes for all non-EU suppliers.  (The whole quota was fully utilised).
The second EU Safeguard quota window runs from 2 February 2019 to 1 July 2019 but this time the quota is broken down by country at the following levels.

 Country Tonnage Quota 
 Turkey  154,436
 Russia  35,406
 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  34,028
 Ukraine  25,240
 Switzerland  25,265
 Belarus  20,898
 Other Countries  25,265

Our general concerns are:

1: The Turkish hollow sections quota is set at a low level as it is based on a 3 year average trade level pre July 2018.  In more recent times Turkey has been a much more dominant supplier to Europe as Trump’s 50% import tariff on Turkish hollow sections effectively shut the door on Turkish hollow sections exports to the USA.  The Turkish EU Safeguard quota is therefore expected to be utilised very early in this new window.
2: On 2 January 2019 many traders throughout Europe were known to be bonding Turkish hollow sections just like All Steels Trading so we believe that a huge loading against the allowed allocation is already in place.
3: It is also known that many traders have attempted to front load the quota window just like All Steels Trading and have shiploads due to arrive over the coming months.  Again the number of such ships already on the high seas heading towards Europe is known to be large and as each week drifts by the chances of being hit with a 25% duty as the quota gets exhausted becomes a huge danger!
4: The EU commission are struggling to reconcile tonnage receipts due to the added complexity of also setting tonnes by country.  At present we have no visibility of where imports are against the set quotas for any product and we are being advised by the commission that it could take up until 19 February 2019 for them to get their system up and running.  All traders are therefore running blind with the risk of retrospective duty charges being a real possibility on goods already imported on certain products.

With such confusion All Steels Trading is finding it impossible to buy non EU hollow sections for the sale of such goods prior to 1 July 2019.
If we bought more hollow sections today from Turkey we either run the risk of paying out a 25% duty on arrival or if timing allows putting such new material in bonding until 1 July 2019, which would ultimately leave us letting customers down and incurring huge incremental financing and warehousing costs.  The bottom line is therefore on sizes where we already have zero stock or zero remaining availability on our February 2019 ship this will remain our position until 1 July 2019.  We would also add that we are already seeing a high level of sales so we do believe our stocks will soon become depleted.

We trust that you will appreciate this update and if you have any queries please give me or one of All Steels Trading’s sales team members a call.

Best regards
Laurence McDougall

AST’s Three Peaks Challenge

As you know, All Steels Trading is a proud Patron of The Prince's Trust and so we naturally like to support this incredibly worthwhile youth charity as much as we possibly can. In May 2019, several members of All Steels Trading will be pushing ourselves to our limits in support of young lives by climbing the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales, but one straight after the other!

Our two-day challenge will have All Steels Trading colleagues hiking up the most glorious but highest mountains in the UK i.e. Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden! We will travel first to Fort William on Friday 10th May 2019, climbing Ben Nevis on the Saturday morning, climbing Scafell Pike that same night and then finishing off by climbing Snowden on Sunday 12th May 2019.

The All Steels Trading Three Peaks team members will include: Adam Grant, Anna Clarkson, Jon Jacobs, Karolina Florek, Lee White, Oscar Munis, Sandra Malecka, Sarah Pritchard, Thomas McDougall and me!

We are fully aware of the gruelling challenge that we have voluntarily all signed ourselves up for here! However, it's in the belief that our physical efforts will help to make a big difference to others. We hope to raise as much sponsorship money as possible for The Prince's Trust. All sponsorship donations will be very much appreciated indeed.  If you wish you can very easily make a kind donation via All Steels Trading’s Three Peaks Challenge JustGiving web page:


Laurence McDougall

Managing Director

Christmas Joy at All Steels!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in every store
But we think the prettiest sight to see is the sparkling dressed tree outside All Steels Trading’s front door!


Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70

To mark the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, the SJH Group and Royal Correspondent Robert Jobson have produced the commemorative publication Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70. The eye-catching fully illustrated hardback was officially launched on the 14th November in the refined setting of The Ritz London hotel in Piccadilly.

All Steels Trading is delighted to feature as a selected patron in this captivating biography that truly commends the heir to the throne's notorious entrepreneurial spirit.

Celebrating a lifetime of achievement and heralding Prince Charles’s current and future roles and responsibilities, the high-quality, coffee-table book charts the Prince's seven decades; from his early years through to his present status as one the most significant figures on the world stage. The book also gives a detailed look at the many areas in which the Prince has contributed to society through his various charitable associations and includes exclusive pictures from his Royal Tours over the last 18-months.

Furthermore, the publication includes a bespoke and interesting profile about All Steels Trading on pages 148-149! The dedicated editorial contribution also outlines how All Steels Trading shares with the Prince the same values and passion for the next generation of business growth.

EUROMETAL Steel Net Forum

EUROMETAL Steel Net Forum & International Steel Trade Day (9th October 2018) in Hamburg certainly attracted an influential crowd of professionals and stakeholders in the steel market. Naturally, the list of invited conference delegates and speakers included steel aficionado representatives from All Steels Trading!

The International Steel Trade Session for example debated the latest developments in the field of steel trade policy, anti-dumping, steel trade cases, safeguard measures, rising protectionism and their impacts on the steel supply of the European market.  It’s fair to say that All Steels Trading’s Managing Director (Laurence McDougall) in his invited capacity as a steel trading expert panellist helped to deliver some amazing value and insights on such highly topical and relevant matters for the audience!

AST's New Thirsk Office Officially Opens!

It’s fair to say that the official opening of All Steels Trading’s new sales office in Thirsk was a huge, fabulous and resounding success for all involved! It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces on the night, who have historically and who continue to happily play key supporting roles in AST’s business success and sustainability story. AST’s invited VIP business partners certainly helped to lend the celebrations an air of grandeur and glamour!

At the start of the evening Laurence McDougall (AST’s Managing Director) spoke with pride and joy about the intriguing journey that has brought AST to this momentous point. The opening night of celebration also provided a wonderful opportunity to publicly thank AST colleagues for their highly valued steadfast commitment, great team camaraderie, shared passion and insightful vision for the AST business. Without further ado the wide blue silk ribbon was adeptly cut by David Bamford (AST’s new office build architect) and the sound of champagne corks popping resounded in AST’s new state of the art Thirsk office building. We had certainly never envisaged previously just how easily AST's new Thirsk office reception foyer could be so magically transformed into a lively champagne/cocktail bar! Our party guests were also treated to some delicious cold and hot food beautifully prepared and served by staff from The Cleveland Tontine restaurant. Here's to celebrating the next notable AST business accolade!

AST Welcomes Alex Germaney!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of new AST team member Alex Germaney. 

Alex’s primary role as an AST Business Development Executive will be taking responsibility for an allocated number of live customers and target customers with the objective of achieving budgeted sales tonnages.  No doubt Alex will also provide valuable support required for wider AST marketing initiatives such as exhibiting at international trade fairs.  Alex is certainly high in emotional stamina, enthusiasm, intuitiveness, charisma and empathy, which are virtues that will no doubt serve him very well indeed in his future career path with AST!

It’s also fair to say that Alex’s steel trading expertise is already highly developed, a skill no doubt greatly enhanced by working alongside the notorious steel trading aficionado John Callander (JC Steel Trading) for numerous years!  Alex will continue to be based in Cheshire i.e. working in AST’s additional new sales office located in Macclesfield. 

A big welcome Alex!

AST's EU Safeguards (Import Duties) Memo

Dear All Steels Trading Customers,

Further announcements were made at the end of last week with regard to safeguard measures to be wisely applied in retaliation to the US Section 232 implementation.

As All Steels Trading we always try to keep our customers fully informed on any significant changes in the marketplace, which will automatically affect steel prices, and the impact of safeguards is likely to be the most dramatic overnight change when the official implementation is announced.

Through our own rolling mills’ trade association links with Eurofer, who act as the interface for steel manufacturers in Europe with the European Commission, All Steels Trading learnt on Friday evening that safeguard duties are highly likely to kick in on steel imported from all non-EU countries as from the 17th July 2018 on a quota basis.  However, because it will be a low quota level and backdated to the 1st January 2018, and imports into the EU have been high this year to date, All Steels Trading believes that the duties will still apply very quickly.

Statement from our own rolling mills’ trade association on Friday night read as follows:

EU Member States Vote to Introduce Safeguard Measures - EU member states meeting in Brussels yesterday voted to introduce provisional safeguard measures in response to the US steel tariffs. These measures (expected to be in place by 17th July) are intended to guard against surges in steel imports resulting from trade diverted away from the US, are urgently needed as trade data shows significant increases in imports for certain products, such as heavy sections and rebar, already this year. This comes on top of the record imports highs seen in 2017. The measures will take the form of tariff rate quotas, with volumes up to the 2015-17 average for each product permitted to enter into the EU tariff free, with only those above the permitted level subject to a 25% tariff. The steel industry had strongly pushed for quotas to be set at national levels to prevent front-loading and stockpiling, but at least for provisional measures the quotas will be set at a global level. The steel sector will continue to push for a more nuanced approach for definitive measures which will need to be decided upon within 200 days. We understand that 25 countries voted in favour of the measures, including the UK, with just three abstaining.

In light of this situation All Steels Trading will only provide quotations for the coming week with 12 hours validity and we must warn you that the upward change in price could be very significant, with increases of £100-150 per tonne being likely across most of the products we offer.  This is simply taking into consideration likely replacement price changes from our suppliers, including shipments that are about to sail from Turkey that could be subject to 25% duties on arrival.

It is clearly a time for recognising the value of your stock and alerting your own sales people to the significance of the safeguard event that will most likely unfold in less than 10 days’ time.

Best regards
Laurence McDougall

AST Strengthens Its Commercial Team!

All Steels Trading is delighted to welcome Mark Darnell into our company as a Commercial Director.  Mark’s role within AST will be primarily overseeing product development, identifying new market opportunities, determining the optimal pricing to balance profit with AST customer satisfaction, and directing marketing operations.  Mark will also spend time engaged in ably assisting our sister company Steelstock Services (Midlands) to achieve new desired goals and heights, including breaking previous overall monthly sales targets set!

It’s fair to say that Mark has exemplary well proven project management, negotiation, market research, and marketing skills.  He comes to AST and our group of sister companies with many years’ experience in successfully managing large teams, excelling in sales, and participating in a plethora of business development initiatives.

Mark’s commercial position at AST will of course demand high analytic and problem-solving skills, which will naturally make great use out of his notorious practical numbers-oriented mind.  However, the more important aspect of his role at AST is being an extremely well-respected people-person who is highly skilled at impressing customers, routinely and promptly satisfying customers’ needs, and keeping our sales teams working together in the most efficient ways possible.  We have every confidence that Mark will excel in his new role by simply doing what he innately does best, including keeping his finger on the pulse of our industry, while carefully monitoring many aspects of the marketplace that will help the “All Steels Group/Family” to continue to be highly sustainable steel industry businesses.

AST's New Business Development Manager!

All Steels Trading is delighted to announce that Adam Grant has recently joined the AST team as a Business Development Manager.

We have every confidence that Adam will be able to introduce new added value business to All Steels Trading.  Adam is a true steel industry professional with an excellent progressive track record for greatly improving business sales performance and who has consequentially been rewarded with continuous promotional career status.   

Adam’s key responsibly at AST will be proactively speaking to/visiting an allocated set of key live AST customers and potential new AST customers to help develop sales in general.  He will naturally also provide support for any wider AST marketing initiatives such as exhibiting at international trade fairs.  By Adam’s own admission he thoroughly enjoys working in the steel industry and he a firm believer that relationships actually matter most of all in business as in life.  As a reliable/honest man with integrity etc it’s no wonder that Adam has historically always made relationships with his customers and suppliers that last over time.  It’s also fair to say that Adam notoriously thrives on successfully completing any challenges set with a highly positive can-do attitude plus a well-organised and dynamic approach, so he’s definitely well-suited to his new business development role with All Steels Trading!

AST Achieves NHSS3B Certification

In just over 3 months’ time to be involved in the steel supply chain for our National Highways there is a requirement for businesses to be certified to NHSS3B.  This effectively includes the supply of steel for applications such as overhead gantries, parapets for bridges, lamp posts, crash barriers, palisade security fencing, sound barrier fencing, road signs, sheet piling for soil retaining walls, gabions, soil nails and washers, etc.

All Steels Trading is therefore delighted to announce that we have recently attained the National Highways Sector Scheme 3B (NHSS3B) certification, awarded by the UKAS accreditation body the Steel Construction Certification Scheme (SCCS (021)).  Following a robust UKAS assessment, the SCCS actually became the first Certification Body to be accredited to audit the National Highways Sector Scheme 3B – stocking and distribution activities for structural steel products.

Receiving a UKAS accredited NHSS3B certificate ratifies that All Steels Trading has in place truly resilient quality management processes to supply products specifically for suppliers and contractors of Highways England.  Gaining such a qualification also serves to demonstrate that All Steels Trading has totally satisfied all mandatory requirements including prior successful transition to UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification to supply structural steel products specifically for all Highways England projects. 


Come and see us this week in Düsseldorf!

Once again, All Steels Trading is delighted to be exhibiting at Tube & Wire.

We have changed location this year and you will be able to easily find us located in Wire's Hall 12/A24. And what’s more, we’ll be offering cups of Yorkshire Tea to all visitors to our stand. So when you’re in need of a good old fashioned British brew, call in to see us! Our friendly, expert staff will be on hand to assist you with any commercial or technical enquiries you may have. We hope to see you there shortly now!

Scunthorpe Telegraph News Article March 2018

Boost for Trentside workers as Groveport seals new five-year deal with major steel trader

The inland port complex at Gunness is said to play an integral role in the supply chain of delivering steel products. Workers on the Groveport site at Gunness have been given a boost by one of the UK's largest steel traders.

The Groveport site, on the River Trent at Gunness

The Thirsk-based firm of All Steels Trading has just signed a new five-year deal with the inland port complex on the River Trent which covers 190 acres. All Steels Trading imports steel from across the world and the 12-berth Groveport, which is owned by the Teesside-based PD Ports and has traded for more than 40 years, is said to play an integral part in the supply chain of delivering products within 48 hours of ordering.

Geoff Lippitt, the business development director at PD Ports, said the relationship with All Steels Trading was a long-term one based on trust and deliverable logistics.

He said: "We have a very experienced team handling steel products at Groveport and we are both delighted and proud to have further strengthened our long-standing relationship with All Steels Trading as UK port of choice for the next five years and beyond.

"We have vast experience in and knowledge of the markets steel traders operate in and our steel handling operations reflect the care and attention to detail we offer in this sector.

"As well as the excellent transport links for road deliveries into the UK network, a key benefit of using Groveport is that we have a 19,200 sq m covered warehouse with direct quay access that provides a comprehensive service for our steel customers.

"With an additional 41,000 sq m of covered warehousing and a surfaced open storage area, we can offer a total of 450,000 sq m space for handling and storage."

Laurence McDougall, the managing director at All Steels Trading, said he believed the partnership with PD Ports worked because of their unique working relationship.

Mr McDougall added: "We often have to respond quickly to fluctuations on demand and knowing we can rely on PD Ports to handle, store and have our steel products available on demand adds real strength to our customer offer in terms of efficiency and value for money".

Meet AST's New Financial Controller (Finance Director-Designate)!

All Steels Trading is delighted to have successfully appointed a new financial controller to help steer our company through a planned growth strategy.

We have appointed Matthew Rhodes to this pivotal position.  Matthew is a fully qualified chartered accountant with 5 years post qualification experience gained whilst working for over 10 years at a fellow international steel trading business. 

Last year, we announced plans to grow sales volumes by expanding our sales workforce after moving into a larger bespoke build sales office in Thirsk.  Matthew says this initiative was one element that particularly attracted him to the role at All Steels Trading.  

Matthew commented:   
  “All Steels Trading is a great success story, a true international steel trading business that is clearly very proud of its well-respected position and role in the global steel market distribution story.  I am joining the business at a very exciting time and I am looking forward to contributing to All Steels Trading’s continued growth strategy.”

The Great North Run 2017 & The Prince’s Trust

Where/ When: Newcastle to South Shields – 10th September 2017

A point-to-point race from Newcastle to South Shields, the Great North Run 2017 will have participants including All Steels Trading’s very own Adam Barton & Lee White travel through Gateshead and South Tyneside as they approach the finish line. Adam & Lee will both be running the race in support of The Prince’s Trust youth charity. Along the way they will cross the iconic Tyne Bridge to the roar of the amassing crowd as they further their journey to the beautiful coast of South Tyneside!

The Great North Run is of course the world’s most popular half marathon, welcoming 57,000 runners from over 130 different countries. It has been running for 36 years since it was founded in 1981 by former British Olympian and 10,000 metre bronze medallist, Brendan Foster, and continues to grow as one of the biggest internationally involved events.

Adam & Lee are collectively hoping to raise in excess of the necessary £700 charity run entry pledge for The Prince’s Trust. All Steels Trading is proud to be a Patron of this incredibly worthwhile youth charity and as part of our patronage commitment members of the All Steels Trading Team will also work directly with disadvantaged young people on voluntary programmes to further support The Prince’s Trust.

We will certainly aim to keep you posted on how Adam’s & Lee’s training regimes for the big race ahead progress etc but in the interim any sponsorship donation you can possibly give no matter how small will be so very much appreciated by Adam & Lee plus of course The Prince’s Trust.

You can easily make a safe donation via Adam’s & Lee’s respective JustGiving charity web pages:

Many thanks in anticipation of your kind support.

Join All Steels Trading at MADE IN STEEL 2017!

Join All Steels Trading at MADE IN STEEL 2017!The Show Is Still On!

There’s only one day left but you’re still warmly invited to join our All Steels Trading exhibition team at the Made in Steel Conference & Exhibition 2017!

Held every other year, the Made in Steel Conference & Exhibition is Southern Europe’s premiere tradeshow for the steel industry. The event brings together key international steel industry players, from producers to users, to take stock of where the steel industry sector is heading. The 2015 edition of this international trade fair saw 13,000 visitors coming from some 60+ foreign countries.

You will find All Steels Trading exhibiting in Hall 24 Stand S11 at Made in Steel 2017 until the end of this week.

See you tomorrow!



Join All Steels Trading at MADE IN STEEL 2017!

All Steels Trading’s Golf Day 2017

All Steels Trading would like to thank everyone who attended our recent golf day/dinner at Rudding Park Golf Club & Hotel in Harrogate and helped to make the day/evening go with a truly fantastic swing!

It’s fair to say that the emphasis for the biennial All Steels Trading invitation golf day/dinner will always be on having fun but coupled of course with a slight edge of healthy competition! All teams/players were equally blessed with glorious sunshine during their round of golf but the accompanying afternoon wind made for difficult conditions on Rudding Park’s Hawtree Course for all of the golfers.

Despite all of the challenges presented some pretty impressive golfing action was most definitely seen and that included some very promising shots made by participating members of All Steels Trading’s sales office. It’s good to know that their numerous professional golf lessons taken in preparation for the 2017 AST golfing event were not all in vain!

After the final putt was taken it was already time for the players to head straight over to Rudding Park Hotel post a quick change of attire for the evening dinner. The much anticipated prize giving ceremony certainly rounded off the golf day/dinner very nicely leaving our guests and All Steels Trading’s colleagues all looking forward to the next classic AST golf day/dinner!

Here are the 2017 AST golfing prize results:

Team Winner
First Place – Andrew Killingbeck, Adam Glenn, Neil Doherty & Richard Hewitt
Second Place – Matt Ford, Mark Aldridge & Dave Pottinger
Third Place – Laurence McDougall, Steve Unwin, Andy Peaty & John Panton

All Steels Trading’s Golf Day 2017

Individual Winner – Men
First Place – John Thompson – 46 points
Second Place – Matt Ford – 39 points
Third Place – Richard Hewitt – 38 points

Individual Winner – Women
First Place – Suzanne Burton – 36 points
Second Place – Jules Thompson – 34 points
Third Place – Julia Hesketh – 23 points

Longest Drive Winner – Men
Colin Anderson
Longest Drive Winner – Women
Julia Hesketh
Nearest The Pin Winner
Laurence McDougall



A special thanks goes to All Steels Trading guest Neil Turner who kindly gifted “The Turner Trophy” during the prize giving ceremony in nostalgic celebration of achieving his own spectacular hole in one at the 2015 AST golf day.

The Turner Trophy Winner (Chipping Competition Winner)
Tom McDougall – who actually chipped in the hole!

All Steels Trading’s Golf Day 2017

Proud to be a Patron of The Prince’s Trust

Proud to be a Patron of The Prince’s Trust

All Steels Trading is very pleased to announce that we have become a Patron of The Prince’s Trust.

Youth charity The Prince’s Trust helps disadvantaged young people to get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion. Many of the young people helped by The Trust are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or have been in trouble with the law.

The Trust’s programmes give vulnerable young people the practical and financial support needed to stabilise their lives, helping develop self-esteem and skills for work. Three in four young people supported by The Prince’s Trust move into work, education or training. The Prince of Wales’s charity has helped 825,000 young people since 1976 and supports over 100 more each day.

Independent research has found that The Prince’s Trust has in fact returned £1.4 billion in value to society through its work with disadvantaged young people over the last 10 years alone. The calculation takes into account the return on investment of getting young people off benefits, reducing offending and re-offending, and helping young people to achieve at school.

Laurence McDougall, MD of All Steels Trading, comments: “We are proud to be a Patron of this incredibly worthwhile charity. The help The Prince’s Trust provides includes training, personal development, business start-up support, mentoring and advice. It is ingenious in the way that it has changed young people’s lives, not through condescension and free hand-outs, but by giving them the means to help themselves. As part of our partnership commitment members of the All Steels Trading Team will take part in various fundraising events and work directly with young people on voluntary programmes to further support The Prince’s Trust”.

Further details about The Prince’s Trust can be found HERE

AST Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

AST Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

AST is delighted to announce that we have achieved the latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Standard. You can download a copy of AST’s BSI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate HERE

Following meticulous examination of our procedures and performance relating to leadership, risk management, and satisfying customer requirements, this prestigious BSI certification is a true testament to AST’s dedication to routinely providing the highest levels of quality management and customer satisfaction.

Our company first achieved ISO 9001 BSI accredited certification back in 2009 under the previous ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. ISO 9001:2015 is the newest update to the quality management system standard, which provides an integrated approach to quality management and continual improvement, helping businesses to monitor and manage quality across all operations, as well as achieving consistent performance and service. There have been radical changes made since the last revision, and ISO 9001:2015 ensures that the latest quality standard continues to maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace.

At AST, we will always place quality at the very heart of our business so that we will naturally continue to achieve outstanding levels of performance and service.

AST to sponsor SMRUFC’s 1st XVs!

Here are a few key facts for your interest about SMRUFC:

Sheffield Medicals RUFC is a thriving rugby club founded by students at Sheffield University in 1964. They field three competitive teams every weekend and they are looking to expand further next year, with the aim of establishing a 4th XV.

The 1st XV currently play in Yorkshire 2 and are current National Medical Schools Champions.

Training: Monday optional fitness, Tuesday squad training, Friday team run through. Matches are played on a Saturday afternoon at the University playing fields. The club also play in the national medics cup competition (NAMS), intra-mural touch rugby and 7s competitions.

We will aim to keep you posted on SMRUFC 1st XVs rugby team’s success next season. However, full up to date past match reports etc can be found HERE

AST to sponsor SMRUFC’s 1st XVs!

 All Steels Trading is delighted to announce that we will be acting as the principal sponsor for the forthcoming 2017/18 season/Sheffield University Medics Rugby (SMRUFC) 1st XVs team.
We’re sure that you will agree that our company logo looks absolutely fabulous on the 1st XVs team’s 2017/18 designed match playing rugby shirts!


Here are a few key facts for your interest about SMRUFC:

Sheffield Medicals RUFC is a thriving rugby club founded by students at Sheffield University in 1964. They field three competitive teams every weekend and they are looking to expand further next year, with the aim of establishing a 4th XV.

The 1st XV currently play in Yorkshire 2 and are current National Medical Schools Champions.
Training: Monday optional fitness, Tuesday squad training, Friday team run through. Matches are played on a Saturday afternoon at the University playing fields. The club also play in the national medics cup competition (NAMS), intra-mural touch rugby and 7s competitions.
We will aim to keep you posted on SMRUFC 1st XVs rugby team’s success next season. However, full up to date past match reports etc can be found HERE

AST to sponsor SMRUFC’s 1st XVs!